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"Simply Green" - A Winter Blues Busting Green Juice

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Here at Real Food we pride ourselves on making the healthiest food taste amazing and this green juice is no exception! Bursting with vitamins and ingredients chosen for their ability to boost mood even on the longest winter days....worth making to say the least! We also make this juice fresh to order if you would like us to.

Very excited to share our first recipe! Here at Real Food we think sharing is caring so we will be sharing the best seasonal recipes we can think of with you so you can enjoy the flavour and nutritional benefits of the freshest local food all year long.

There is nothing like local flavour and here in the 1000 Islands region we are lucky to have a wide variety of exceptional producers creatively bringing you the best local food they can, year round. Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!


Sunflower Shoots - 1 cup (High in B vitamins and vitamin C, they help boost mood and

provide a rich source of iron and plant protein to improve energy)

Spinach - 1 cup (Spinach is high in folate which helps induce dopamine, a pleasure

inducing neurotransmitter - feel free to throw in extra!)

Cucumber - 1 medium (Cucumber is high in vitamin C and caffeic acid which is a natural chemical

with anti-inflammatory properties as well as B vitamins vital for brain function

and mood)

Apples - 2 (Apples are full of the antioxidant quercetin, a powerful mind-boosting antioxidant)

Fresh lemon juice - 1-2 tbsp., to taste (Lemons are full of vitamin C and even the scent of

them can stimulate energy and enhance mood!)

How to:

Chop everything as suits your juicer and enjoy fresh! If you do not have a juicer, make it into a green smoothie in your blender and you will have the added benefits of the fiber too!

The days are getting longer and spring is coming!

Stay strong friends, eat well, and surround yourself with loving people :)

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