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Raw Vegan?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

At the farmer's market, when I say, "most everything we make is raw vegan" I am often asked, "what's that?" So here you go for those of you who may not have met me yet - a brief explanation!

The short answer is that raw vegan food is fresh plant-based food that has not been heated above 115 degrees. If something is "raw vegan" it simply means it has not been cooked. Flatbreads, crackers, chips, entrees and the like may be made using low heat in a dehydrator, but traditional food prep tends to be pretty different from conventional cooking. And for us, more fun!

A raw vegan diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, soaked and sprouted grains, and soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds. Proponents of raw diets (vegan and non-vegan) believe that eating all or mostly raw foods increases the nutrient density of the food they eat overall and therefore leads to better health outcomes. It is thought that the cooking process itself reduces beneficial enzymes and the nutrient density of food, and makes it harder for your body to absorb the benefits from what you eat.

Here at Real Food we believe that dietary dogma can be unhealthy in and of itself, and that every human (and Earthling!) is on their own journey. Every body is different, every belief system unique. There is no one "right" way to eat or to live your life, and nutritional science is an ongoing journey.

Instead, eating a well-balanced diet of the freshest, nutrient dense food you can while caring for your body through movement and love while nourishing your spirit every day seems a more balanced approach. Doing what you can to share your gifts and make a positive difference in others lives seems to us like a healthier point of focus. We are all on journeys of our own, learning every day, and need take care to remember and respect that others are doing the same.

Adding more fresh and freshly prepared foods to our diet is always a great idea though! As we have learned in over ten years preparing raw vegan food - using fresh ingredients and whole foods only (nothing processed) also just happens to make food taste incredible! Win-win!

Alongside the nutrient-dense greens and other produce we grow, we feel good about the food we have to offer and hope you enjoy it too. We truly do our best, always.

To learn more about the raw vegan diet, check out this article (and many more resources online): "What is the Raw Vegan Diet"


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